No, But Yes

We already feel like this is a good life motto. Between “No, but yes” and “It’s not wrong, it’s just different” we pretty much have an answer for anything life throws at us thanks to Argentina. But first, we have to explain where this piece of wisdom came from. Wine. Like all other good things … More No, But Yes

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun* and games*

*”fun” and “games”….more like SWEAT and BUGS.  We spent the last two days in the jungle near Puerto Maldonado in Peru. And when we say jungle, we really mean jungle. We stayed at the Posada Amazones lodge off of the Tambopata River, which is about an hour by bus from Puerto Maldonado and another half … More Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun* and games*


Thank God the guy at the liquor store knew how to pronounce all of the Brazilian alcohol we needed for our Brazilian food night, because we definitely would have embarrassed ourselves if we tried to actually say them out loud… But it turned out that the guy at the store’s mom was from Brazil, so … More Cha-cha-cachaça

This is better than Taco Bell

“Smellin’ ain’t as good as eatin’, otherwise I’d be skinny.” (Anonymous) Okay, actually, Kristie said that. Tonight’s blog is sponsored by Argentina. Brought to you by a healthy supply of Argentinian wine and homemade empanadas. Literally from scratch. We even made the dough. Pretty impressive, right? We think so. Empanadas are a very popular street food in … More This is better than Taco Bell